Worship Director

Worship Director

Plymouth is searching for a part time Worship Director. Please join us in prayer as we seek God's leadership in fulfilling this vital position for our church. The job description is below:

Worship Director

Duties and Requirements:

Play piano accompaniment during Sunday services for two hymns (pre-offering and altar call/invitation), offertory interlude, and postlude at conclusion of service

On “special event” Sundays, such as deacon/minister ordination and communion, play an instrumental interlude for the duration of the observance. On baptism Sundays, an additional hymn or additional instrumental pause may sometimes be necessary to allow Pastor and baptism candidates to change clothes

Teach and lead ensemble for once a month performance on designated Sunday (first Sunday of the month, for example). Practice with ensemble (time to be determined) prior to performance as necessary for preparation

Select hymns for Sunday Services from pre-approved list of known/familiar hymns

Organize all music for Sunday Services and solicit/schedule volunteers for special music on Sunday

Play piano (and possibly sing, if desired) with Praise Band during praise songs at beginning of worship service

Ability to transpose keys (play from lower or higher key) as necessary is strongly desired

Lead and expect the highest standard of Christian character and commitment to Christ and the Church

Work in close relationship and cooperation with the staff leadership of the Pastor

Magnify music as part of the total church program in reaching, teaching, and developing people for Christ


  January 2021  
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